Full availability for professional riders

Stables & Equipment

We have generous and variable stables and fully equipped:

  • 45 Boxes (3 × 3 and up to 3 × 4,5m)
  • 5 saddlery
  • 2 Solariums
  • Showers
  • 1 programmable walker 4 places
  • 2 Rounds of loin (including 1 covered)

All in a secure environment (video surveillance)

Sands trails

The inner track (20 x 60m) is fiber-reinforced. All the other sand tracks:

  • 30x60m working on the flat
  • 30x60m coupled to 75x75m (Via ramp and plano)

Automatic sprinkling helps maintain a stable but flexible soil structure. The slopes of the equestrian center of Haras Saint-Roch are renowned and have served as a reference at the international level.

Grass tracks

The equestrian center of Haras Saint-Roch has world-renowned turf tracks in the world such as the Sunshine Team Tour of Montenmedio or the Global Tour of Estoril


The Haras Saint-Roch has several meadows all fenced in order to guarantee the best safety to the horses (3 hedges of wood and 1.60 m high).

The grasslands are closed at certain times of the year to ensure maintenance operations to ensure good grass quality (fertilization, selective weeding, replanting seedlings, etc.).


But still

The Haras Saint-Roch it’s also:

  • Parking with access to electric points
  • Facilities (WC, showers, cloakrooms) for travelling groups
  • Studios for personal care
  • Possibility of housing, (several dwellings with direct access to the property)
  • Controlled exclusive access: Opening of the main access is individually controllable and programmable (management by smartphone)

Le Haras Saint-Roch has all the assets to entice you by proposing you the whole of its installations.